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  • International Technical Trading Services FZC is located in SAIF Zone[1], Sharjah UAE[2][3]. They started in 2009 by three partners as a generator maintenance company based in UAE consisting of few technicians. By 2017 they have grown into a generator packaging company with full assembly facilities for their Perkinspowered generators comprising of 80 plus employees. They expanded to branches in Oman[4], KSA[5], Qatar[6] and also trying to expand in Africa. As of 2017 December they had been accepted as OEMD (Original Equipment Manufacturer Dealer)[7][8] and undergoing further training to advance for warranty coverage.
  • They are importing Perkins diesel engines manufactured from the UK from 400 seriesall the way to 4000 series and coupling the engines with Alternators from various suppliers such as Leroysomer[9][10] France and Linz
  • They come with quality AVR such as the R220-R250 or SX440 and the voltage level can be adjusted by terminal arrangement as per client requirement. Control panel consists of digital controller from Deep Sea ElectronicsUK coming with features such AMF, configurable timers and alarms, compatible with a wide range of CAN engines, uses DSE Configuration Suite PC software, IP65.
  • As ITTS is working closely with Perkins as an OEM, they are not dealing with any copy engine suppliers such as the fake Chinese version of Perkins. This was a big problem that even Perkinshad to take notice and issue a legal statement.[11]
  • The ITTS product line can supply small loads such as portacabinthat are numerously used in Dubai construction projects and large loads requiring entire power plants running on Synchronization ITTS is also part of the UAE contractors association.[12] ITTS is trying to enter into main Iraq power generation market through cooperation with ESOS DMCC,[13]
  • For enclosed units, they are using punching & laser CNC machines to cut and bend locally purchased GI sheets normally 2+ mm thick for canopy fabrication and 4 mm+ thick MS sheets for base skid with built in fuel tank;

International Technical Trading Services is offering complete lifecycle power solutions far energy markets by emphasizing technological innovation and total efficiency. ITTS maximizes the environmental and economical performance of the power plants of its customers.

ITTS. Supplier of flexible power Generator Sets for the decentralized power generation market. We offer solutions, for baseload power generation. grid stability and peaking, industrial self generation as for the oil and gas industry. Technology leadership, strong and a broad product portfolio, high efficiency and fuel flexibility is the perfect description of ITTS company.

ITTS supports its customers throughout the lifestyle of their installations by optimizing efficiency and performance. we pro-
vide the broadest portfolio and the best services in the industry for power plants. We expertise proximity and responsiveness for all customers regardless of their equipment making it in the most environmentally sound way.

Mission And Vision

To provide lifecycle power solutions to full HI the requirements of our customers when it comes ta power generation and power solutions while creating better technologies that benefit both the customer and the environment.

We will the most valued business partner for all our customers for supplying and after sale services 24 hours a day, 7 days a

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