Super Silent Canopy(68 dBA)

Super Silent Canopy(68 dBA) 2017-11-04T20:56:15+00:00

Generator Canopy is the structure that enclosed your generator with a protective cover, which makes the generator secure, safe and sound proof. A protective generator canopy is the best way to ensure its security and safety.

ITTS Power Products offers a complete line of vibration free generator canopies for weather protection and sound attenuation with pleasant appearances, quality painting and completely enclosed exhaust systems.

Whether the requirement of our client is to protect the generator from rapid weather conditions or to reduce its noise level to the lowest, ITTS Power Products can provides the right generator canopy depending on the requirement. Some of the main features of Angel canopy are,

ITTS Energy participated in the leadership race among the most important installed electrical power companies with  Natural Gas Fired Combined Cycle Power Plant beginning to operate in 2008. It is the largest free-market player of the sector with an installed capacity of up to 1400 MW.

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