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Diesel Generators in UAE

Since the early 2000's, power demand in the UAE has been growing steadily. There are few bumps along the way but the requirement is always there. Construction contractors are always procuring generators for their sites, a rough application for generators. Always running every day, hours on end until the next site. There's no alternative quite as good yet as a [...]

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Not just Trading but Customizing Solutions

International Technical Trading Services FZC started out as a trader but grew into something much more. The humble beginnings have gone from a few guys trading materials and doing service to selling in millions and overlooking the UAE/GCC market. ITTS has at the helm, technical experts in their respective areas. Each one controlling their respective area and providing the support [...]

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Power Generation Companies Dubai

If you are searching for Power Generation Companies Dubai UAE. ITTS-ME has its own Power Generation plant. In perspective of successive break downs and substantial variances in the electric power supply from national utility and to meet the necessity of our cutting edge hardware for continuous power supply. The administration of International Technical Trading Services of Companies chose in 1996 [...]

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Power Generator for sale in UAE

Having a generator for domestic or commercial use has become equally crucial these days. The increasing rates of electricity and sudden power breakage can cause serious threats to your business or home matters. This is the reason that many people now prefer to purchase. Their own power generators instead of relying on electricity supply corporations. Keeping that in mind, the [...]

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Power Generation You Can Rely On

ITTS has the right experience of providing solutions to their customers. We have the skills of vast fault detection and resolution from years of service in the field. Since 2009 ITTS has been covering thousands upon thousands of generator faults and major breakdowns. One problem after the other always gets fixed, in fact we have many up and coming companies [...]

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Perkins Diesel Generator UAE

Perkins Diesel Generator UAE Electricity is one of the best discoveries of science and it’s a blessing that is supplied to each and every household of the world. The houses that are not yet blessed with this technology don’t even know what they are missing and are still living in the stone age. We take this blessing for granted as [...]

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